Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

Today is Mark's birthday! We actually gave him his presents and cake last night because we knew how rushed things can be in the morning. The kids helped me pick out some of his favorite things, and we all made cards for him. (If you can't read the cards very well, Kinlee's says "Happy Birthday, Big Turkey!" and the front of Parker's card represents their two favorite teams - Arkansas Razorbacks, of course, and Tennessee Titans!!) Isn't it funny how a child's artwork portrays their personalities to a "T"?! Anyway, here is what they picked out for him:
1. Sour Patch Kids - his all-time favorite candy!
2. Coke Zeros - his all-time favorite drink!
3. An Arkansas Razorback wallet - he's always losing his "stuff"
4. A picture frame full of the pictures from the Old Mill for his office - the pictures are actually on their way from Snapfish, so we just wrapped the frame. You know how frames come with pre-printed pictures in them - he opened it and said, "I love it, but I have no idea who these people are!!!" The kids had a good laugh about that one.
5. An Arkansas Razorback snowglobe - because Kinlee saw it, fell in love with it, and said that he just HAD to have it for his desk at work.
6. We also got him a new winter coat - 'cause it's cold!!!!

We are taking him out to eat to his restaurant of choice tonight - still to be decided!!!

I also made him one of his favorite cakes - peanut butter cup cheesecake!! YUM!!!! It was my first attempt at his recipe, and it actually turned out very well. It was yummy!! We had a great time last night celebrating his birthday, and plan to have a fun time tonight, as well. I am thankful that God has blessed our family, and continues to give us life, love, and happiness!!! Happy Birthday, Mark - I love you!

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Sandy said...

The cheesecake looks AWESOME! Sounds like Mark had a great birthday!!