Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leaves, leaves, and MORE leaves!!!

Okay - I know how we have all been posting about how beautiful all the fall leaves are, and they ARE, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We have so many leaves, we could dress a forest full of unclothed trees and still have enough left over to cover our entire yard twice! I know that God did a wonderful thing in designing trees the way he did - how the leaves grow in the spring, are full and green in the summer, turn beautiful colors of red, yellow, & orange in the fall, and then cover our yards and turn brown and go nowhere alone (I have to believe he's laughing at that last part!). Mark worked all day long on Saturday (Parker and I even helped some - Kinlee was at a friend's house - lucky duck!) and we STILL have some. I don't know if they'll ever all go away, but maybe we'll leave some behind to remind us of God's creation. Maybe we'll just leave some of them there to humble us and remind us that He (and His leaves) are greater than any of us!!!

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