Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bible Class Christmas Party & Mark's new Friend!!!

Last night, we enjoyed time with some friends from church at our annual Progressive Dinner/Dirty Santa Christmas party. I think we had even MORE fun this year because we actually KNEW the people we were hanging out with! This time last year, we were new to the congregation and still putting faces with names. It is amazing how much difference a year can make! These people are to be commended (okay, maybe not for their lack of Christian attitudes during Dirty Santa), but for making us feel at home at Main St.. Thanks, guys! We had a great time.
Here are some pictures of Mark and his new-found friend Andy (aka: Andy's 1400 inch big screen TV). Mark and Andy (Andy's TV) really bonded last night. Mark and Andy (Andy's TV) found that they have so much in common and should really spend more time together heading into this new year. Mark and Andy (Andy's TV) had a great time last night - he is so glad he found Andy (Andy's TV) to fill a void in his life that he didn't even know he had!!! Thanks, Andy (Andy's TV) - Mark loves you!!!!! :)


Wendi said...

Too funny!! Guys and TV's!! Looked like you all had fun!!

Sandy said...

You are hilarious!! I really miss you! I'm glad Mark has found a "friend"