Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!!!!!!

Well, all of our hard work paid off, and it was finally here!!! Christmas Morning!!!!!! The kids were so excited - up at 5:52, to be exact!!! That's okay - we got naps later in the day. They came downstairs to a full tree - we are so blessed. The kids sat side by side and took turns opening presents - they said this made it take longer :)! Any little bit helps, I suppose.

One of my favorite things about Christmas morning is watching and looking back at the expressions on their faces as they open their surprises! Parker, our animated child, gave us some good ones to look back on this year. Among some of his favorites were his Matt Jones Arkansas jersey (which he changed into immediately after opening it), 2 Webkinz, Star Wars Legos Nintendo game, and and Arkansas Razorback basketball goal (which the boys are playing with right beside me as I type - no, that's not distracting!!)

Kinlee was full of smiles, too, as she opened her presents. Among her favorites were more fuse beads (which she has been working on all day), her 2 Webkinz, and her own alarm clock (notice the "dance" in the picture above, as she was singing, "Now Parker won't have to wake me uuuupppp..").

It was a great morning, and we are very thankful for everything we have - presents, health, and family time together on this special holiday morning....


Wendi said...
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Wendi said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Merry Christmas!!!:):)