Monday, December 8, 2008

Kinlee's Birthday Party!!!

Kinlee's 7th birthday party was this weekend. We had a great time! Altogether, there were 13 kids, and they all did so well! They seemed to have a really fun time. She was excited, especially, that Laura Beth (her "Henderson" friend) got to travel to be with us that day, as well as her cousins, grandparents, Aunt Amy, and lots of friends from school and church. The kids had fun playing games and doing activities. In the pictures above, they can be seen making Webkinz sleeping bags, collars and crowns for their pets, playing Wacky Bingo & the Wheel of Wow game, and spending their "Kinzcash" in the W-shop.
Here, they are having a "fashion show" with their Webkinz pets. They got to dress them up, have their picture taken, and will receive a copy of their picture in the mail. You know girls - they really seemed to like this one! They worked hard trying on clothes and finding JUST the right outfit. (Parker and Benjamin, on the other hand, were done in 30 seconds.) Thanks to Becky for "manning" this one. I strategically placed her at this one because it was in the living room where the TV was, that just HAPPENED to be showing the Alabama/Florida game!!!

After games and presents, the girls enjoyed cake and ice-cream. Thanks to all who came and helped and made this one of the best ones yet!! I asked Kinlee if the party had gone as she had "planned", and at first she said, "N0". I was a little worried, but she quickly followed it up with, "It was even funner!!!"


Sandy said...

What a fun party idea. I think I might have a Webkinz party for MY next birthday!!!

Rogers4Him said...

Hey Stephanie! Cool page.
My mom recieved your Christmas letter and told me that your kids had webkinz now (as I can see from the webkinz party)..might have to steal your idea. Very cute!!

Anyway the kids are dieing to add your kids as friends on you may not want to put them on her. but you could email them to me..

Glad all is well!! I have had a blogspot for awhile..but haent take the time to blog on it..maybe I will now. Not sure I even remember how to get on there???