Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An Ode to "Uncle Ted"

The day after Christmas, we traveled to Mississippi to visit with my parents. We had a really good time and enjoyed being with them. The time spent there, though, was a little bitter-sweet. You see, my younger brother, Ted, was also visiting there for the first couple of days that we were in Mississippi. He currently lives in Murfreesboro (only 3 short hours away), but will be moving next week to Akron, Ohio (12 L-O-N-G hours away)!!!! Although with work schedules, etc.., we don't currently get to see him THAT often, we know that he is only a short distance away if we need him. So, we are a little sad that he will be moving so far away. It is a great opportunity for him, though, so that helps to soften the blow a tad. Also, it is nice to know that he will only be 3 short hours away from my grandmother in West Virginia and several other family members that live up that way. That way, when we head that direction for visits with Mamaw, we can see him, too.

Until then, though.....we love you, and we'll miss you "Uncle Toot" (and, yes, there IS a reason the kids call you that!!) :)

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Wendi said...

ednnyI have to say Mamaw is VERY VERY excited for Ted to be closer to her.:):)