Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tag, I'm It!!!!!

I've been tagged (twice actually), so I'd better get with it!!! I was asked to go to my 4th picture folder, upload my 4th picture in that folder, and tell 4 things about it. Here it goes:
1. This is Parker opening his Titans football at our Thanksgiving/Christmas get together a couple of years ago.
2. It is funny to see, because since about that time, all the child does is eat, breathe, and sleep football!
3. Kinlee's hair was much longer in this picture than it is now.
4. Parker wore that same Cowboys jersey at Halloween this year.
Now, I have to tag 4 more people. Since I only have a few on my blog watch list and some have already been tagged, I tag Jill & Jennifer. I think the others have already been tagged.....sorry!

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