Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Soccer has Begun!!!

Spring Soccer has officially begun! We took the winter months off from sports (after finishing football AND fall soccer at the same time) - we needed a break. SO, when Spring soccer finally rolled around, we were more than ready! Last week was the first official weekend of the season, but all of the games were rained out (plus we were out of town), so today was the day. Fortunately, Parker and Kinlee are on the same team this time - makes things SO much easier! Unfortunately, this is the only season for quite some time that will happen that way! Oh well, we'll enjoy it for now. Mark coaches their team, and he does an awesome job!!! Both kiddos played hard and hustled today. Parker scored 2 goals, and Kinlee "mixed it up" with the other team, even after getting hit in the leg by a ball at very close range! They did great. Our team ended up winning 10-2, but even more importantly, they all played hard, had good attitudes, and showed excellent team work! Way to go, COMETS!!!!


Sandy said...

Neat that they play on the same team!! Cade just started baseball practice yesterday. We are looking forward to watching him play. He really enjoyed yesterday. I hope he enjoys the rest of the season.

Wendi said...

YAY! Parker and Kinlee ....and Mark!! I love it when at least 2 of my kids play on the same team!! Makes life so much easier!!

I know I have said this a few times..but I do like Kinlees bangs.