Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Spot's" the Robot Dog

Last week, Kinlee brought home a note from school saying that they were to create some sort of robot to go along with their reading story for the week. Kinlee immediately said that she wanted to make a "dog robot", so the creative juices started flowing. Now, I do consider myself a fairly creative person, but my creativity does have its limits. That being said, Kinlee and I started the journey. Technically (according to the note), we were not supposed to spend any money on the project. Well, I am limited to my share of metal and aluminum items, so I must confess that I DID purchase some wire at Wal-Mart. (tsk, tsk....).

We had a fun time creating "Spot's" (as the name appears on the collar - love the apostrophe), and I think she turned out pretty good considering I am NOT a mechanical engineer or anything. I was a tad bit mortified today when "Spot's" returned home in a bag, smashed in Kinlee's backpack, without a head. I knew for a fact that we had used TONS of hot glue putting the canine together, and I couldn't figure out how it could have happened. UNTIL Kinlee told me that she fell going into school today, and "Spot's" went flying - mystery solved. So, some more glue later and she's as good as new. Kinlee did tell me that her friend, Emma, brought a dog robot to school that actually walked and wagged its tail - - show off!!! Oh well, I think Spot's is pretty cute, and she will be returning to school again tomorrow. Hopefully she won't lose anymore body parts, though, I'm almost out of hot glue!!!


Wendi said...

WOW!! I am impressed!! I wouldnt know the first thing about making a robot...I would probably give that job to Kenny!!

Amy said...

So cute.

Sandy said...

I love it!! Spot's is a great dog!!