Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Backyard Camping

Okay, not so much the "camping" part, but we did have the campfire. Every once in a while, we like to build a fire in the backyard (I'm sure we are breaking all kinds of city ordinances) and roast hotdogs and make S'mores. Finally, the rain stayed away long enough the other night to take advantage of the opportunity. It was such a nice night, and lots of fun together.Later on in the month, we are planning a REAL camping trip (State Park, tents, sleeping bags, and all), so I'm sure I will have some more pics. to post after that.

Don't you just love our burning box??? We are not nature people, by any means, and don't just have tons of firewood lying around. The box was all I could come up with. The boxes don't burn long, so we had to have our hotdogs ready on their sticks for round 1 and hurry before the fire went out. Then, we loaded up the sticks with marshmallows for round 2 before we threw on the last box. Hopefully, before the real campout, we'll come up with some better equipment. We would never make it on Survivor, but for our backyard, it was just perfect!!!


Wendi said...

Looks like lots of fun!! My kids love to have cookouts!! I always loved them as a kid.

Sandy said...

How fun! If the box gets the job done then why not use it! It looks like it made a pretty big flame and the good thing about hotdogs is they don't take long to cook!

Amy said...

I love it when we have backyard fires. We have a firepit that we bought a few years ago and a stack of firewood by the back fence that we cut down and gathered here and there and we love to have a fire on the patio on cool nights with hot dogs and smores. Then we all lay on our backs on a big comforter when it gets dark and look at the stars and point out the constellations we recognize, and count airplanes. I even saw a bat one night!! :)