Monday, May 4, 2009

Teapot Parade 2009

Pardon all of the posts today, but it was "catch up" time after a busy weekend. Here are some pictures from the Teapot parade this past Saturday. The weather was downright awful, and it rained pretty much the whole morning! That didn't stop us, though. Girl Scouts don't stop for just a little rain (or thunder and lightning that we witnessed as we held our umbrellas on the parade route!!) Kinlee's troop theme for the parade was Recycling. They were asked to take leftover empty Girl Scout cookie boxes and make "outfits" out of them. Below is our creation. Also, Parker's DI team had a Bake Sale at the parade - didn't bring in much $ this time, though - I guess people didn't like to eat sweets while they were soaking wet!!! That's okay, looks like he had a great time anyway. It was very wet, but a lot of fun, too!!

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