Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Has Arrived!!!

This has been the scene in our backyard the past couple of days. After our camping trip, the kids asked if we could get out the water slide.
We were both exhausted, but obliged and got the thing out. I think we were both pretty anxious to see how it was going to hold up after HOURS of play last summer. We were very excited and pleased to see that it was still in great shape, minus a couple of patched holes. The kids got right on it (Parker didn't even take the time to change into his trunks) and have played on it every day since. They were out until dark last night. We got on it earlier today (twice, to be exact), so we were able to take advantage of the daylight this time. I am sure that it will be blown up and deflated MANY times in the next few weeks. I slid down it once, but I didn't "fly" down it quite like they did. I didn't try again. It hurt.


Wendi said...

Too funny!!:):) Looks like a lot off fun!:) My kids have always wanted one of those:)

CAC class of 1989 said...

Stephanie - I hate to hijack your blog, but we're not sure how else to reach Mark! We are trying to contact him regarding our class reunion this fall. Can you please ask him to send a message with y'all's contact info to We would REALLY appreciate it! (from Amy Hammond Landreth)