Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation in Little Rock

We spent last week in Little Rock, visiting Mark's side of the family. We always find plenty to do when we're there, and this trip was no different! On the first night we were there, Mark and Parker went to see the Arkansas Twisters (the arena football team) play against the Tulsa Talons (BIG rivals!) You can see Parker sitting behind the Talons bench "laughing" at them... wonder who had him pose for that one???
After the game, the boys stayed around to get some pictures and autographs from some of the players and the coach! Mark said they were almost the last ones to leave the arena. Parker was on Cloud Nine as several of the players took time out to sign his Twisters shirt and get their picture made with him....he even brought Kinlee back a sweaty armband from one of them..:) Take a look at the coach - does he look familiar?? Mark said he's been in several movies - I think "The Waterboy" was one of them....A couple of days later, we headed to Hot Springs to ride the rides at Magic Springs. Here is our "before" picture - we didn't get an "after" shot - we were too gross and tired! Even though some of our favorite rides were down for repairs and remodeling, we still had a great time. EXCEPT for the part where I rode the Gauntlet (one of those inverted roller coasters where your feet dangle below you, you enjoy 3 large loops AND a corkskrew that seems to go on FOREVER) and ended up in the infirmary for over an hour - I am pathetic. Other than that, we had a blast!!! See don't we look happy - I wouldn't have been looking so jovial in the after shot - let's just put it that way....
On our last day there, we treked downtown to the Peabody Hotel for one of our time-honored traditions. Since the kids were little, they have loved going there and watching the ducks "march" down to the fountain for the day. I am anxious to see how long they want to continue doing this (the kids, not the ducks). Until then, we'll be there each trip we get the chance at 11:00 am sharp!!!
As always, we had a great time, but it's always good to get back home, too. We enjoyed getting to see family, spend time together, and have some fun while we were at it...!!!


Sandy said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Sasha said...

Great pictures! I really like Hot Springs!! Haven't been there in forever though!