Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack-o-Lantern Carving at its Best!!!

Well, thanks to a rainy day and cancelled football games, the Finton family stayed in and finally had a chance to do some pumpkin carving. Somehow, in the course of it all, it turned into a competition between boys and girls. The boys revealed their "Razorback-o-lantern"......To which the girls, in turn, revealed their "Puppy dog-o-lantern".....
The judging was a little tough - 2 to 2, of course, so we decided on Originality for the Boys and Artistic Ability for the Girls. I really think, though, that if we would have let Noodle have a say in it, she would have DEFINITELY voted for the fellow pup!!!
Either way, though, it was a good night, and now the Halloween festivities may begin!!!

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