Friday, October 9, 2009

What does one do while on Fall Break??

With cooler temperatures and changing leaves comes the infamous Fall Break. I don't think we ever got a Fall Break when I was in school, but nevertheless, we get one here. It is a nice time out for the kids - gets them ready to hit it hard until Christmas. Over the first weekend of Fall Break, Parker got to go to a St. Louis Cardinals game with a group from school. The first two days of Fall Break week, Kinlee got to attend "Kiddie Kollege" at the high school. They had cooking classes (stay tuned in the next day or so for the recipe she tried out on us for supper), Spanish classes, and several others. They both really enjoyed themselves.

We also took advantage of some time off and nice weather to visit a local pumpkin patch. We grabbed a wagon, toured the grounds, and picked out just the right pumpkins for our decorating needs. I always look forward to that each year.
After the newness of the break wears off, though, one must get creative and find things to do. Granted, my kiddos have had their fair share (and then some) of TV, computer games, etc...this week, but I feel as if something was missing for them. Thus, the explanation of the next set of pictures:
Yes, those are my children hanging out on the roof of our house. And yes, those are my children who appear to be sleeping on the roof of our house. Bored? You might ask. Insane? You might ask. Where is their mother? You might ask. Don't worry - I was very close by. I could easily have watched them fall from where I was standing. Hey, you gotta do something with your hard earned time!!
Later in the day (after at least 2 hours on the roof), they decided a pillow fight was next on the schedule. Noone was hurt, so I consider it a successful activity.
Right now, I hear them upstairs in the bathroom bouncing a bouncy ball - doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun to me, but they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. Whatever works, I say...
Just think - we still have 2 fun days of this break left. Guess what - it's pouring down rain outside - the odds are NOT in my favor....

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Sasha said...

They seem like the best of friends! Hanging out on the roof sounds FUN!! :)