Monday, December 14, 2009

A trip to the Pink Palace

This past Saturday, I was able to go on a field trip with Kinlee to the Pink Palace in Memphis. Before arriving at the palace, the kids went to LeBonheur Children's Hospital and delivered some baby rattles that they had been collecting for the past several weeks. Although we did not get to go and see any of the kids there, I think it was good for the kids we took to be able to see that facility and realize how lucky they are to be up and walking around while so many kids are sick in bed.
A good stop, for sure...After leaving the hospital, we traveled to the palace. We got to see Santa vs. the Snowman at the IMAX theater, walk through the Enchanted Forest, view the museum (very interesting), and shop at the Museum Gift Shop. Kinlee and her friend, Raine, hung out most of the day. They had a great time, but they sure were worn out on the way home! I had a good time, too, but was quickly reminded that I do NOT like school bus rides! I definitely got my fill for quite some time. :)

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kotitemp said...

I love reading your blog!! It's good to keep up with you! I love the gingerbread party!! So Cute! You are so creative!!