Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in Arkansas

This year, as we usually do, we headed to Little Rock the weekend before Christmas to celebrate the holidays with Nan and Papaw Carl. They traditionally have a huge Christmas get-together that weekend, but due to Carl having surgery, and Nan getting over pneumonia, it was just us....and it was kinda nice that way, I have to admit! Of course, the night we got there, the kids were more than ready to go ahead and open gifts. Unfortunately for them, though, they had to "suffer" through another day before they got the "go ahead". They managed, though, and that made it even more fun when the time did finally come!
So, after much anticipation, gift giving and receiving took place, and I think you'll agree that all were pleased with the outcome.We had a great time visiting, shopping, relaxing, and Mark & I even got to go on a date! Thanks Nan and Papaw ---- we needed that!

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