Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Liberty Bowl BOUND!!!

On January 2, the boys decided to take advantage of the fact that the Razorbacks were playing in the Liberty Bowl just an hour or so down the road in Memphis. The fact that it was 20 degrees wasn't going to stop these two!!!
They donned their Razorback attire, put on a few extra layers, grabbed their football, and off they went. Here is a picture of Parker "calling the Hogs" at the game - doesn't he look cold?! He was! Also, they always find a place to throw the football themselves before the game. I asked Mark who took these pictures of Parker catching the ball, and he said, "I did." You see, he would throw the ball, grab the camera while the ball was in the air, and take it as Parker caught it. Not bad, I thought.... It was a cold night for them, but the Razorbacks pulled it out in Overtime, so it was worth it. They had a great time!!!Don't even ask....long story:

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