Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Snow Snow!!!

Well, the weather predictions rang true this time. Or, maybe it was the snow dance....either way, it finally happened. The Big Snow of 2010!!! The kids were out of school on Friday, so we definitely had to take advantage of the day. We caught wind of an awesome hill not too far from here, and we were able to get there without any trouble. We all had a blast....yes, even Mark with his "possibly broken knee" got in on the fun. I am pleased to report that no further injuries were incurred....unless you count my tailbone that feels like it HAS been broken, thanks to my first trip down "the hill".
We went out some on Saturday, too, but the wind was much stronger, the snow was deeper and harder, and we didn't stay nearly as long. The hill was much harder for Mark to climb (gimp) up the second day, plus Kinlee got snow in her face ( a HUGE no-no), so we headed home much sooner. I did manage to take some cool pictures of the front of our house - I love the way it looks in the snow! If you will look closely, you can see the sign that Kinlee put in her bedroom window yesterday. It says, "Let It Snow!!" You will also notice that her blue curtains are closed (which are usually opened during the day). I asked her why she closed them and in her "still mad from snow in the face voice", she said, "Because I didn't even WANT to see the snow anymore!" Needless to say, soon after that, she crashed on the couch and I haven't heard from her in hours!!:)

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