Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Traditions, Traditions, Traditions

As most families do, ours has lots of Christmas traditions. It just doesn't seem right to skip them, either. Sometimes they have to be altered for one reason or another, but they are still there in one form or another. One of our fun activities is making some sort of Christmas treat (or 2 or 3) in the days before Christmas. This year, we made and decorated sugar cookies, and made reindeer noses. The kids both got into the cookie decorating this year, and I must say, I spent a little more time and detail than usual.
Every year, Santa finds a way to deliver new PJs on Christmas eve. This year, the man got pretty creative....he sent them with the pizza guy!! What will he think of next..??? That reminds me of another tradition we have - pizza by candlelight on Christmas eve!! Thanks, pizza guy!!
We can't forget the reindeer food - they would not be happy! This year, it was raining, so the kids hiked up their pajama pant legs and headed out to deliver. I love the picture of Kinlee in Parker's shoes in the bottom picture!!!

Soon after that, it was a quick check for Santa on the internet radar, and then off to bed!!! Fun stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Tell me how to make reindeer noses!

Stephanie said...

Hey, Missy...very involved...not really....take small twist pretzels and place a hershey kiss on top of each one. Put them in the oven long enough for the choc. to get soft. Pull them out and quickly place a red or green m&m in the middle. Let them cool - they are the perfect mix of sweet & salty. Dangerously poppable, too!!