Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Soccer has Sprung!!!

Parker and Kinlee have started Spring Soccer again. They are on different teams because of their age division, so it definitely makes for busy times! We did manage to get them to both have the same team color so that Mark, who coaches both teams, doesn't have to change shirts between games!!:) Parker's team is nicknamed (by the kids, of course) "The Money" - because they are green, of course!!! Their cheer is "1-2-3...Cha-Ching!!!":) They have won 2 games so far and are a really good group of kids. GO MONEY!!!
Kinlee's team is nicknamed "The Gators"...we thought about it later and thought we should have nicknamed them "Spare Change":) I don't think they would have appreciated it too much, though. They enjoy playing together and doing the "Gator Chomp" in the huddle! They have only played one game so far and won!!! They, too, are a great group and have a lot of fun!!! GO GATORS!!!

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