Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break trip 2010

On the Sunday that the Lads to Leaders convention ended, the kids and I met up with my mom in Nashville to leave on our Spring Break trip to West Virginia to visit my grandmother. Unfortunately, Mark did not get to go with us, but we hope to try and fix that in the future! We always have a good time while we are there. This year, we got to ride the ferry across the Ohio River, about 30 minutes or so from my grandmother's house. The kids had ridden it several years ago, but it had been closed the other times we've gone since then. They enjoyed riding it again - something you don't get to do every day...
While we were there, my cousin Wendi and her kids came for a visit. They all had such a good time! They always play so well together and are great company for one another. This year, I believe we started a new tradition....the Annual Cousin Basketball Game...!!! They waived the price of admission, but charged for snacks and autographs! It started out Parker & Blake vs. Camye & Chloe. Kinlee ran the concession stand, and Paul was there for moral support and half time entertainment!
At the beginning of the game, the boys thought they had it "in the bag", but the girls gave them a run for their money! About half way through the second half, Camye experienced an injury, so they had to call in the reinforcements (the concession stand girl) to fill in. She did a great job, but the girls just couldn't pull it out. They lost by a measley two points!!!
Here is a picture of their concession stand. Kinlee said, "We put it on the steps and then when someone pays for something, we slide it down to them....except for the older people. They probably can't bend down that far, so we'll just hand it to them." I was glad to see that my purchase hit the slide - I guess they don't think I'm too old yet!:) Fun times. I definitely see a repeat game next year!
Before we left, I had to stop on the side of the road and take a picture of my favorite "West Virginia House"...I love this place. It is so pretty, I just couldn't resist. I look forward to driving by it every time we go...

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Wendi said...

That is funny! But I love that house too!:):)

And my snack was brought to me because....I wouldnt get out of my chair that makes me reallllly old!:)