Friday, November 28, 2008

An amazing, exciting, & fun Family Thanksgiving break

This year, our Thanksgiving get-together was at my sister's house in Murfreesboro. While we were there, we had a wonderful time visiting, playing, watching the kids open Christmas presents, and oh yeah, eating!!

The kids had a great time playing with their cousins. They don't get to see eachother THAT much, with school and other activities, but when they do get together, they are able to catch up right where they left off. It is great that they are all within a few months of eachother's ages, and that they get along so well (it didn't used to be that way!) They had fun.

Mark and I actually got up and went "Black Friday" shopping! We had a blast (well, as much of a blast as you can have at 4:45 in the morning!) We ambitiously went to Best Buy to get in on an awesome buy on a GPS, but so did 6,000 other crazy people (some of which actually pitched tents!!) I'm sorry, but NOTHING is that important. Needless to say, we left without the GPS we had gone after, but found another deal on one later in the morning. It was fun trying, though, and we have some good memories to show for it (and a new GPS!)

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