Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oodles of noodles!!!!

Okay, so tell me - anyone else have those "strange" holiday traditions that are unique only to your family and noone else on the planet?? You know, the ones that noone knows where or when it started, everyone does it, and noone asks why. Go ahead - I know you do! Well, we have at least one. It's called "homemade noodles for Thanksgiving!!" And, boy, are they good. I can remember helping my great-grandmother and grandmother make them. Kinlee even got in on the action this year and cracked the eggs for me! I have (somehow) been "knighted" as the official noodle maker for our family gathering that usually consists of me, Mark, & the kids; my sister, her husband, & kids; my brother; and my parents. The only time I can remember that I got out of making them was last year when my grandmother (the ULTIMATE noodle-maker) was here for our get-together. I must say, she put mine to shame. Oh well, she's had a little more practice, I guess. Anyway, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them. The funny thing, too, is that noone in the family ever makes them any other time than Thanksgiving. It's like it's "taboo" or something to do so. So, here are some pictures and a "recipe" if anyone is ever interested. They are YUMM-O!

Ingredients: eggs (we use 11 for our group and plenty of leftovers), flour, salt, broth (canned and from the turkey)

Directions: beat eggs, add salt, begin adding flour to make a dough. Keep adding flour until you can't stir them with a fork, and now is when it gets messy. Use your hands to knead the dough until it is not sticky anymore. Form a ball. On a floured surface, roll out the dough until it is pretty thin. Keep "flipping" the dough and rubbing it with flour as you roll it out. Roll the dough into a "jelly roll" type form and slice off the noodles (see pic.). Unroll the slices and lay them out for several hours to dry. Put them in a pot with the broth and boil them until tender. Enjoy!!!

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