Monday, November 17, 2008

...Caught doing good....

As parents, sometimes it feels like all we do is remind our kids to do the right things, be kind to others, and think of yourself last. Too many times, I think we get discouraged, wondering if any of it is sinking in. UNTIL, that wonderful day comes that we catch our kids doing good. This weekend while we were in Little Rock, we had one of those days!!! It seemed as if everyone in the neighborhood was working tirelessly raking leaves, blowing leaves, and bagging leaves, only to watch more leaves fall in their place. The kids came in and asked for a trashbag. As I wondered why they wanted it, I watched as they "snuck" to the house next door, quickly bagged up as many blown leaves as their little hands and their one bag could hold, and slowly crept to the front door to proudly leave their bag of leaves, ring the doorbell, and run away giggling their heads off. Unfortuately, the neighbors were not home, but I am certain that they were quite surprised when they returned home and found a huge bag of leaves by their front door. They may have even wondered which neighbor took leaves out of their own yard and sneakingly delivered them to their porch!! The kids were so proud, as were we. We praised them endlessly, hoping it would encourage future good deeds. So, thanks for letting me share, and until the next time.........way to go Parker and Kinlee!!!!

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