Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle.....

One of our favorite things to do in Little Rock is to go downtown to the Peabody Hotel at 11:00 am and watch the ducks walk into the fountain. We have done it since the kids were small (they've even been honorary "duck masters" a couple of times) and we still love it like it was our first visit. The best part is watching the ducks ride down in the big glass elevator. You can barely see their heads as they look out over the crowd. I'll never forget the first time we went. Parker was just a couple of years old, and he was picked to be the duckmaster and ride on the elevator with the ducks. He giggled and giggled when one of the ducks "peed" in the elevator. We were warned this time that this was a new set of ducks, and that they may go haywire. However, they did very well - they needed a little prompting to stay on the carpet, but all in all, they did fine. Also, we like to ride the trolley that runs over the bridge from Little Rock into North Little Rock. At Christmas time, it has heated seats and Christmas decorations all over it! I am sure we'll ride it again when we go back for Christmas. It is so pretty. I am thankful for cheap, fun entertainment, and that our kids still get excited about the simple things.

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