Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Little Light of Mine.....

One of the things we were most concerned about when we moved last year was the kids meeting new friends. I think that anyone with kids who has moved to a new place would say the same thing. We have been so blessed in that respect since our move to Trenton. Although they miss their friends in Henderson, they have fit right into their school and church activities without skipping a beat! About 2 months after we moved here, we placed membership at the Main St. church of Christ in Milan. We love it there! The people are wonderful, and they have a definite love for God and His ways.

One of the things that have helped the kids meet new friends at church has been the "Lamplighters" program. Lamplighters is a group of kiddos in grades K-4. They meet on the first and third Sundays of the month about an hour or so before the evening worship service. During this time, they spend time in Bible study, crafts, snacks, and fun! Our kids have loved it. As a matter of fact, Mark and I have taken over the program effective this school year. It has been a wonderful way to teach our children, while allowing them to be around other kids and families that love God.

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