Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in Arkansas

This past weekend, we traveled to Little Rock to be with Mark's mom and stepdad. Their family always has their big get-together the weekend before Christmas. It was a quick trip this time, but we had a lot of fun! Since the biggest part of the family was all coming over Saturday for lunch, we decided that we would do our family Christmas presents with Nan and Papaw after we arrived on Friday night. It was late and we were ALL tired, but we enjoyed it. The kids got some great gifts, Nan and Papaw liked theirs, and Mark and I even loaded up!!! Thanks, Carl and Charlen, again!!!
Saturday night, after the family meal, Mark and Parker took a quick, early Christmas present, trip to Fayetteville to watch the Razorbacks play. They had a great time! They said this team looked really good and they expect great things out of them the next few years. Like I said, it was a quick trip, but a full and fun one!!!

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