Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Own Little ELF!!!

We have had a visitor in our home for the past few days. His name is Elbert, and he is an elf. That's right - you heard me - an ELF straight from the North Pole. He was "mysteriously" delivered to our house a couple of nights ago, and we woke up to find him sitting on the TV with his special book. For those of you who do not have your very own elf, here's the scoop. This elf was sent from Santa to remind us of his coming and how we should act. The Elf on the Shelf normally shows up around Thanksgiving (ours was a little late) and stays until Christmas Eve when he hears Santa's sleighbells. He then flies back to the North Pole until next year. While he is at our house, he sits and watches. He cannot be touched, he cannot talk to us, be he is listening and watching. Each night, he "flies" to Santa to make a report on the day's activities and behaviors, but always manages to fly back and land in a new spot before we are awake. It has been a lot of fun looking for him each morning. Parker and Kinlee have been "shaking in their bed" ALOT, they say, because he makes them a little nervous. They like him, though, and have asked him in person to please not land anywhere in their rooms. So far, he has obliged. I think he'll continue.
I have enjoyed the acts of kindness around here while Elbert has been present. Yesterday, I walked upstairs to find Kinlee cleaning the bathroom - I can get used to this!!! We have had many talks since Elbert's arrival of how these acts of kindness will continue even after he leaves because we know God is always watching, not just between Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Elbert has been a lot of fun, though, and we will welcome him with open arms next year!!!


Sasha said...

This is such a good idea Stephanie!! Very very fun!! I hope to remember everyone's neat ideas when Jared and I one day have kids.

Joiner Journeys said...

ok- I'm not gonna lie- Elbert looks a bit creeeeeeppppy!
Not sure I could sleep with that flying around my house!! :)