Wednesday, January 14, 2009

'Morning, Glories!!!!!

So, are you a morning person? Do you leap out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, or do you push the snooze button 20 times before you get up??? I tend to be both, on certain days. If it is cold and dark outside, I tend to do the latter. If it is warmer, already sunny, and I have things to do, I get up a little easier.

I snapped these pictures of the kids the other morning as we were getting up and around on a school day. These two are total opposites when it comes to most mornings. Do your kids have their "rituals" in the mornings?? They do! Normally, Parker is pretty chipper in the mornings. Most mornings, he can be found snuggled next to Mark for a few more minutes of sleep-time. Since Mark still had pneumonia, there was no snuggle-time happening on this particular morning. In this picture, I happened to look over while fixing lunches and see this. Parker has started a "Pen Pal" blog of his own with his cousin in Pennsylvania, and he was creating a post. He had said he was cold, so I brought him the blanket, only to find him with it over his head, with only his hand sticking out, typing his post. Pretty funny.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Kinlee was carrying out her normal routine. She comes downstairs, stops in our room to see me and let me know she got up okay. There's not much talking going on, except for the normal "I want a cartoon, please". So, into the living room we go - pillow, blanket, cartoon - good night! She usually lays there for about 2o minutes or so, until she is ready for breakfast. This gets her going a little more, and by the time she heads upstairs to get dressed, she's pretty awake.

I love the mornings rituals. I love the "squinty eyes" and "morning hair" on the kids when they come downstairs. Although mornings tend to be a little rushed, especially on the days that I don't bound out of bed myself, I know these are the things I'll miss one of these days when the kids are out of the house. SO, in the meantime, I'll keep getting up first so that Parker has a spot in our bed, I'll keep turning on the cartoons so that Kinlee can fall back asleep on the couch, and I'll keep fixing breakfast and packing lunches, because I know it won't last forever!!!


Wendi said...

Aww..very sweet! Blake enjoyed seeing Parker typing to him.:):) Blake is my morning kids too:)

Becky Welch said...

I have been wondering when I would see this picture. I am glad youa re goin to play the 10 things game! Your letter is "B." Have fun!

Joiner Journeys said...

I love this post :)