Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lamplighters 1/18/09

Tonight was another fun night at Lamplighters!! The Ramakers were in charge, and they did another outstanding job (okay, it was Angie - hope you get to feeling better soon, John! :)) The topic was Trust in the Lord, and the verse focused on was Prov. 3:5: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." Angie planned a lot of fun activities for the kids. They played "trust pictionary", worked huge memory verse heart-shaped puzzles, and played the "coke can" game (thanks for bringin' it home for the pink team, Nathan!!!):
In the coke game pictured above, the kids wrote their names on pieces of paper and taped them to coke cans. The cans were set up, and each team had to take turns rolling a small ball to try to knock the cans down. The first team to knock down all their cans was the winner! This game was used to emphasize how our OWN understanding is not always as strong as it should be and can easily be "knocked down". Instead of relying on our own understanding, we should trust in God - he is much stronger!!!
After the lesson and the games, the kids all gathered in a circle to talk about what they had learned, and to wrap up the lesson. Even though Mark and I are in charge of this group of awesome kiddos, we couldn't do it without all of the parents and other volunteers who help out with the lessons! (Okay, we technically probably COULD do it, but we would be really tired!!:)) Thanks, Angie - you did a great job!!!

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