Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lamplighters Night

As stated in my first Lamplighters post, Mark and I have the privilege of being in charge of "Lamplighters" at the congregation we attend in Milan. Lamplighters is a group of kiddos in grades K-4 (about 15 or so altogether) who get together twice a month on Sunday afternoon for snacks, devotional, activities, and fun! After having to skip several sessions because of all the holidays lately, we finally were able to meet together again tonight. We had a really good turnout, and as you can tell, the kids had a great time! Andy & Ginger were in charge, and they did an awesome job. Their topic was "Putting Others First". Andy retold the story of Abraham and Lot, when Abraham gave Lot first pick of the land, etc... He did a great job teaching the kids how we are to put others first, but to also not take advantage of the opportunity that someone else might give us to go first at something.

As a follow-up activity, the kids made Get Well cards for the people whose names were in the bulletin this week. They worked in groups of 2 and shared materials, etc.. as they made the cards. I thought the lesson was really great, and was happy after we returned home to see the lesson put into action: Kinlee wanted dessert after she ate supper. I told her that I thought there were 2 "Nutty Bars" left (one of her favorites) and that she could have one. Parker asked her to bring him the other one. Much to her dismay, Kinlee only found 1 left in the cabinet. She brought it in and proceeded to break it in "half" for her and Parker to share. Again, much to her dismay, the pieces didn't quite break evenly. I watched as she looked at the two VERY uneven pieces, looked at Parker, and then back at the pieces. She slowly handed Parker the smaller of the two, but quickly said, "Wait a minute!" and gave him the bigger one. My heart swelled. Good job, Andy - if you made Kinlee give up the biggest piece of a nutty bar, you have done a good thing!!! :)

Above are me and some of the "girls" I have been blessed to get to know through working with Lamplighters. Ginger, Jill, and Joetta (hey, that reminds me of the Dugger family in Arkansas who have 18 kids whose names all start with "J") have really become close friends of mine, and I look forward to spending more time with them and getting to know them even better!!! Hey, girls - we clean up pretty good!! I think green is definitely our color!!:)

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Joiner Journeys said...

Way to go Kinlee! I'm proud of you!