Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Times with the Thompsons!!!

As I stated in my post yesterday, Chad and Sandy Thompson and their crew came over for dinner this past weekend. We had a great time - great food, great company, and just plain fun! Kinlee decided early on in the day that she wanted to do something special for Cade, Chance, and Cooper. SO, she set out to create our very own "Webkinz Zoo". She even recruited Parker to help with the preparation. She definitely stuck with it longer than he did, but he was a big help, too. They proceeded to lay out all of the Webkinz, draw pictures of each animal's "habitat", and place the animal in it's own special place. Kinlee spent a LOT of time drawing, coloring, and cutting out "food" for each animal. She even made "punch cards" with each boy's name on it.
The zoo went like this: when you came upstairs, you received your Zoo card. You then proceeded to travel through the zoo (which took up Kinlee's room, the bathroom, and Parker's room). Food was drawn out of a bucket and fed to the correct animal. Each time you feed an animal, you get a punch on your card. The boys really seemed to enjoy it. Cooper went with the flow, Chance stuck with it for a while, and Cade outlasted them all.
After the feeding was over, the boys were given some pennies (I insisted that our company NOT be out any of their own money!!!) and got to shop at the souvenier shop. They bought pencils, small stuffed animals, motorcycles, etc... I would say that all in all, the zoo was a big hit!!!
Again, this is a slight repeat of my post yesterday, but I just wanted to show a few more pictures of the boys putting their prints on our handprint wall. I especially like looking at the one of me painting Cooper's hand, because everytime I would get the paint on there, he would make a fist, just to watch and feel it "squish". I think we did that 3 or 4 times before we finally got to the wall!:o) I loved it!
Thanks, Chad and Sandy, for a great night - we miss you guys - we'll do it again soon.....


Sasha said...

I love the Webkinz zoo!!

Nicole O'Dell said...

What a fun idea!!!

Wendi said...

What a cute idea:)