Monday, February 9, 2009

Mini Lesson Monday - Handprints on the Wall

Well, I have decided to try something new on my blog. I am calling it "Mini Lesson Monday". For the past couple of weeks, I have posted a couple of little lessons from everyday things
and have gotten a pretty good response from them. Even more important than the comments that have been left as a result, taking the time for myself to think on these things has been good for me and my life. It is my "plan" (you know how that goes) to post a new mini-lesson each Monday. I can't think of a better way to start my week than to sit down, take a few minutes, reflect on the past week, and think about what lessons have come as a result of the week's experiences and opportunities. Like I said, it is my hope that these will continue to help me in my own spiritual life, and if I am able to make someone else think, as well - that's just an added bonus!
This past weekend, we had a chance to spend some time with Chad and Sandy Thompson and their 3 precious boys! We invited them over for supper (I'll be posting more on that later), and we all had a great time! While they were here, I decided to carry out a plan that I have had for some time and just haven't done. I have wanted to start a "Handprint Wall" under our stairwell with handprints of the kids' friends. Between company for dinner, Friends Day, and birthday parties, I am hoping our wall will fill up pretty quickly! Thanks, Thompsons, for helping us get it started. However, this wall got me thinking:
What is it that is so special about a handprint? I snapped some shots around the house of different handprints we have here. A large number of art projects, Mother's Day gifts, and other keepsakes from the kids' school experiences came to mind. I know, for a fact, that these are the ones I'll be sitting on my floor looking at one day, crying and laughing, remembering them at that age. So I ask again: What is it about a handprint? Do you suppose that it is the permanent impression it makes of a person/child at THAT particular moment, at THAT particular size, on THAT particular day that can never be altered or taken away? As our children grow older, things will change. Size will change. Attitudes will change. Interests will change. Personalities will change. BUT, nothing can change that handprint that is printed on that surface forever.
How about us?? What impressions are we making as adults - as CHRISTIAN adults - that can never be changed?? Is our "keepsake" one that people will look back on for years to come in a positive light or a negative one? Will our children be forever affected for the good or the bad as a result of the impressions we leave on them?? The Bible tells us in Titus 2:7 " everything set an example by doing good....". Am I doing that? Am I setting an example by "doing good"? Am I leaving an impression on people in that respect?? Are my children and my husband seeing me strive everyday to do my best to leave my best impression on them and the world, in general? Join me today as I reflect on my impression, strive to leave a positive one, and hope to fulfill the command found in Titus. I hope this has helped you as much as it has helped me. Here is our challenge for the week:
  1. Look for ways to leave a strong, positive impression on someone else.
  2. Look out for our kiddos - what kind of permanent impressions are they leaving on those around them?
  3. Pray for God's guidance as we live our everyday lives, reach out to others through our words and actions, and attempt to leave a lasting impression that others can look back on one day and smile!!!


Wendi said...

Great idea on the wall and the mini lesson!:) You are always so creative!:)
My minister and his wife do this in their kitchen:)

Sandy said...

What a great lesson!! I hope the wall fills quickly with little handprints!!