Saturday, February 28, 2009


We are finally getting more snow!!! We have only had one other real snow day to speak of, and we were really hoping for more. Well, we are definitely getting it tonight! I had heard on the news and radio that there was a chance, but I guess you never really know. They hit it right on the head this time! We were at a get-together at church tonight, and the weather turned from rain to sleet to snow while we were there. The kids went out and decided to wipe some snow off of some cars for people, but by the time everyone got ready to leave, they were covered again! I heard the kids telling eachother, "Now that's a bunch of junk!!!" :o) We had to drive a little slower on the way home, but we made it just fine. I don't know how the roads will be in the morning, but I guess time will tell. Here are a few pictures that I took out behind our house after we got home:

Mark even went out front and across the street to get these pictures of the front of the house. I like how the new camera defines the snowflakes - makes it even prettier! I am anxious to see what we will wake up to tomorrow - it is still really coming down - so pretty!!! We have a busy Sunday planned, so don't know how much "snow playing" we'll actually get to take part in, but it sure is nice to look at!!!

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Sandy said...

I'm loving the snow. We got at least 10 inches here (more in some spots) It's so pretty. I like the way your camera caught the flakes too!!