Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mid-South Youth Camp 2009 - Kinlee

Well, I think I have officially broken a record. I have broken my own record of time gone by between posts!! It has been a crazy week or so. Good, but crazy! So, it is time! It is time to show what we've been up to the past almost 2 WEEKS now! The kids and I did Mid-South Youth Camp. Parker stayed the night for the whole week for the first time, and Kinlee and I traveled back and forth everyday with Jr. Camp. We all had a blast, but boy were we worn out!!
Because I can only post 5 pictures with each post, I'll start with Kinlee first. I was able to take more pictures of her because I was actually hanging out with her all week. I saw Parker here and there, but was still able to get plenty of pictures of him, too. Kinlee's favorite part of the whole week was swimming. The weather was kind of "if-fy" throughout the week, but always managed to clear up in time for swimming!!!
On Wednesday, the kids did the giant slip-n-slide instead of going to the pool. I think these always make some of the COOLEST pictures!
One of the days, we did have quite a bit of rain, so our "silly games" had to move inside. The kids still had fun playing Simon Says and the Marshmallow Blow (one of those "spur of the moment" games that was definitely a hit!) Plus, it made for some funny pictures!!!!
One of the best parts of camp are all the silly songs that the kids sing. I have to admit, by the end of the week, they got kind of old, but I'll be ready for them when next year rolls around - maybe! Kinlee also had a good time re-connecting with old friends, spending time with new ones, and even meeting some new faces. We had a really good group this week!
In the end, Kinlee ended up winning the "Arts and Crafts" award for her love of "crafting". Below, you can see some of hers and Parker's creations.
It was a great week. We had fun spending it together! Kinlee will only have 1 year of Jr. camp left and then SHE'LL be ready for "big camp!" UGH - where does the time go?!


Wendi said...

I just love summer camp!! Great job Kinlee on the craft award!!!! Who would have thought Stephs daughter and Aunt Jo's grand daughter would have won that award!!!!LOL!!!

At one of the camps we go to, they stay at Junior week..so this is Camyes first year without me!!!:(:( She is soo excited!!

Sasha said...

Looks like a ton of fun!! Thanks for posting :o)

Sandy said...

I know you enjoyed being there with her all week!