Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mid-South Youth Camp 2009 - Parker

Parker had a great time his first "overnight" year at camp! So good that he did NOT want to leave when it was all said and done. I was glad to get to see him each day while I was there - I think it made him feel better, too. The first day I came, he "hung" around me a little bit more, but I noticed it got less and less as the week went on. I was glad to see him having such a good time with some of his "Henderson Buddies".I do have to admit that the "guys" weren't the only ones he was "hanging out with". He made a few older "girl" friends at camp, too. I think he was kind of "sweet" on this crew all week. He had "dates" with them to the hike, movie, and talent show, and bought them stuff all week long! They were very sweet and accepted his efforts. Thanks, Rachel, Kakole, and Ginny for your examples!
One of the biggest parts of the day at camp is Mail Call. Below, Parker is seen being sung TO while 2 girls are working toward receiving packages, as well as Parker himself singing in order to get the package we sent for his cabin. I think he had to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
In the end, we were very proud when Parker won the "Best Bible Student" award. We told him that was the BEST award he could have brought home, as far as we were concerned!!
We were very proud of him and glad that he got to go and have such a good time!!! He had a hard time leaving, but I think it will just make it that much easier for him to go back next year!!


Wendi said...

YAY!! Parker that is the best award to come home with!:):) Blake and Camye will be at Junior week together this year so that helps me feel better about Camye staying. Blake stayed last year and had a blast!!

Joiner Journeys said...

So proud of you, Parker! Do they still sing "get your elbows off the table" and then you put them on the table so you can hold hands around the messhall? or am I REALLY dating myself. I LOVE MSYC!

Sandy said...

Love the pictures! Glad he had a great week!

Mae said...
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