Monday, July 13, 2009

Football Camp

Last week, Parker went to football camp. The camp is held here in town and is run by the high school football coaches. Several of the high school players also help. Parker got to play football all week long - his dream come true!! At the beginning of the week, the boys are divided into teams and given NFL team names. Parker was thrilled to be on the Titans! Each day, they play a series of games against eachother, and the week ends in the "Tide Bowl" on Friday. The 1st and 2nd placed teams in each age division play in the Tide Bowl.The Titans made it to the bowl game against the Vikings. Our own Parker Finton scored the winning touchdown for his team and they came out victorious!!! He had an awesome week having fun with his friends. He couldn't wait to have the players autograph his camp shirt on the last day. We were very proud of him, not only for his skill and ability, but mostly for his sportsmanship and attitude! Roll Tide (Peabody Tide, that is.....) :) Don't get too excited, Becky! :)

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