Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Work & A LOT of FUN!!!

Since the kids have been home for the summer, my normal "routine" of cleaning house has pretty much gone out the window! Too much other fun stuff to be done, of course! However, the time does come when it just has to be done. Yesterday was such a day. SO, the kids and I set off to get some good ol' cleaning done. Of all the times they have helped me in the past, I must say that this time went the smoothest! No real complaining, heavy sighing, or procrastinating.I was very proud of their efforts. Above are some shots to document the day - Kinlee vacuuming the staircase, Parker cleaning up a swept pile on the balcony, and both of them vacuuming their rooms - I'll explain the big "W" with rocks around it in Kinlee's room tomorrow... Can you tell how concerned she looks that the cord is messing it up??
As a result of their efforts, I took the kids swimming at a neighbor's pool (in exchange for some sewing I did earlier in the summer for her, we now have the pool "reserved" one day a week - I love trading services!!!) It was very nice and the kids had a blast, as you can tell. just dawned on me, maybe the promise of the pool later in the day had something to do with the lack of complaining.....hhhhmmmm......maybe I'm on to something.....Okay, I admit it, I planned it that way - I AM a mom afterall!!!! (we know all the tricks - God just made us that way!!!) :)


Amy said...

Looks like fun! I do the same thing with the kids... the day before we are planning a day of swimming, we straighten the whole house up, make everything look nice, do the laundry, and plan our dinner for that night. It's sort of our 'reward' for a job well done!

Arika said...

Hey, whatever works, right?! :)