Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Soccer is Back!!!

Tonight, both kiddos played their first game of the Fall Soccer season!!! Mark is coaching both teams, and it is already keeping us PLENTY busy! He will also pick up Parker's flag football team starting in a couple of weeks!!! It is so much, fun, though, it is all worth it.

Kinlee's game was first. Her team has been nicknamed "The Tornadoes". There was a shortage of coaches for the 6-9 age group, so each team has 18 players!! Spell it with me....C-R-A-Z-Y!!!! It is so hard keeping up with who played which quarter, who played which position which quarter, and is that kid even on our team?!!! They did great, though. We have several who haven't even played before, so that, combined with the large number can be a bit challenging! They came out with a win, good sportsmanship, and lots of hussle!!!
Parker's team - "The Crush" - played the second game of the night. This team has just moved up to the 10-14 year old league, and these guys are serious!!! It is a whole different ballgame, that's for sure. We have a really young team - all 10 & 11 year olds, so we are definitely having to work extra hard! They are stepping up to the plate, though, no question about that! Parker scored 2 goals, and while their team lost tonight, they didn't have anything to hang their heads about! They played hard, kept good attitudes, and got even better as the game went on!!!
We were very proud of both teams and expect great things this season! Way to go guys!!!!

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Wendi said...

I LOVE LOVE Fall soccer!!I dont know why..we play spring soccer too!!! But I absolutley love to see my kids play and cheer them on!! Chloe and Blake have started soccer practice but their first game is the 11th..on his birthday!!!