Monday, August 24, 2009

Lamplighters 2009-2010

Well, we have begun a new "season" of Lamplighters. We take off for the summer and pick up after school starts. One thing new for Lamplighters this year is our new T-shirts!!!! Now, I have never been officially "in charge" of designing, ordering, and delivering T-shirts for anything and didn't really realize how stressful it could be! Stressful? you might ask..... Stressful is right! What color do we get?? What design do we choose?? What verse do we use?? Will everyone like it?? Will the girls like the color?? Will the boys like the color??? UGH!! I finally told myself that if someone didn't like it, I would be off the hook next time because I would insist on them taking over the responsibility when the time rolled around again!
The T-shirts were delivered and made their debut yesterday, and I am pleased to say that there were no complaints and even TONS of positive comments. Now, I don't know what's going on behind my back, but on the surface, it was a thumbs up! Just kidding, actually - I really wasn't that worried - there are some pretty cool people associated with Lamplighters. Not the type that would bag over a T-shirt, whether they liked it or not. I guess it was mostly just me stressing for no real reason. I can be that way sometimes!! :) Anyway, everyone looked great in their shirts - I was pleased with the outcome. My camera battery was almost dead when we got there, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but I'll do better next time. We look forward to a fun year of Lamplighters. Thanks to all the parents who signed up to help this year - it's gonna be a good one!!!

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Wendi said...

Cute shirts!!!! I can tell we are related...I am the same way with stressing over smal details.LOL!!

We just started discussing our L2L tshirts....didnt realize there were so many options!!