Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Night at the Fair

Nothing screams "hometown" like a night at the fair!!!! This is the first time we have actually taken advantage of the fair that comes once a year - we usually avoid that side of town, as a matter of fact, as to not tempt the kids with it. This year, however, was different! A friend from church who does a lot of work at the fair offered our kids free armbands one night!!! YES - we were in!!! The kids were so excited!!Seeing how we have never been in the past, we really didn't know what to expect from said fair. Despite the "characters" that come from the woodwork to attend the fair as well, we had a great time. We were pleasantly surprised, as a matter of fact. At one point, while we were watching the kids have such a good time, Mark leaned over and said, "You know we're stuck from now on, right???" I knew he was right. And, that night, when we put the kids to bed, Kinlee asked, "If Ms. Joetta doesn't give us armbands next year, can we pay??" To which we replied, "Oh, probably so!"
The kids met up with several friends from school and church (what is it about little girls who have to hold hands everywhere they go together? I love it.), and Mark and I just followed them around and watched them play.
Above is some of the cast from the "Wizard of Oz" play that Kinlee is in next weekend. They were invited to sing at the fair, too. I know I will have lots of pictures from her performance next weekend.
So, THANKS Ms. Joetta for a night at the fair - we're hooked!!!!

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