Monday, August 10, 2009

Parker's 10th Birthday Party - Go Hogs!!!

I simply cannot believe that Parker will be 10 tomorrow!! That's double-digits, people! Where has the time gone?!
Parker chose an Arkansas Razorback party theme this year. It was a fun one to plan. I made a football field cake, football cupcakes, decorated with Razorback "stuff", and the guys spray painted a football field in the backyard, complete with the Razorback "A" and everything!!!
When I was beginning to plan the party, I asked Parker what he wanted to do. He replied, "We just want to play football, mom!" I was a little concerned on how we would fill 2 hours with "just football" on a really hot day, but it happened just like he wanted it to. They played the first half of their game (Razors vs. Backs), broke for cake and ice cream, watched presents, played the second half, broke for popsicles, pinata, and party favors. Mission accomplished - 2 hours came and went very quickly! I don't know who had more fun, though, Mark or the boys!!!
Parker got lots of great presents - money and football cards, mostly - JUST what he wanted!!!
As is our tradition at the end of parties, all the kids got a balloon and released it at the count of 3 as they yelled, "Happy Birthday, Parker!!!" I love the pictures from this tradition as all of the kids watch as the balloons drift further and further away. This year, I think only 1 got stuck in a tree - usually many more than that! I guess the wind was blowing in our favor this year!
Definitely a successful and fun party. Check back tomorrow for my "Ode to Parker" post on his actual special day!!!

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Sasha said...

Wow!! He's already 10?!! That's crazy! Anyway, great pictures of the party. It looks like a lot of fun!