Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walk Your Child to School Day!!!

It is Teapot Week in Trenton! So far, we have attended the Block Party on Monday night (didn't get any pictures of that one - didn't feel like lugging my camera around in the COLD!), and today participated in "Walk Your Child to School Day". We headed out around 7:15, walked down to City Hall, and then on to school.

We attempted to get a family picture made of the event, and asked our nice Mayor to take it at City Hall. Mark said, "He should stick to his Mayor-in' because he sure can't take pictures!!!" It was about a million miles away AND he chopped our heads off. SO, you'll have to settle for single parent pictures. Oh well, we tried. Stay tuned for pictures of the Teapot Trot 5K and the parade (if it doesn't rain)....

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