Friday, April 30, 2010

Teapot Trot 2010

Last night, our whole family participated in the Teapot Trot 5K. We had a great time - definitely see it becoming a family tradition!! The weather was great - a little windy....okay a LOT windy, but other than that, it was fine. There were about 220 participants in the race this year. Mark came in 14th overall (4th in his age group), Parker came in 41st overall (3rd in his age group), I came in 54th overall (5th in my age group), and Kinlee came in 179th. She was kind of bummed about her number, but I told her over and over again how proud we were of her just for doing it! That's a long way for 8 year old legs to go.....for that matter, that's a long way for 37 year old legs to go!!!

It was a great hometown, family event and I love those!! I even got chills at the beginning with the police escort, people cheering, all the participants....the chills soon came to an end, though, as I reached that first hill!!! Fun stuff!

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