Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God Loves a Cheerful Giver (Part II)

As I was finishing up my Bible class lesson for tonight, I decided to try and write a poem to go along with the "money pouches" that I made yesterday. Here it is, in case you would like to use it, as well:


A cheerful giver is what I’m to be.
The Bible says that it’s all up to me.
I may be rich, or I may be poor,
But giving to God is what I adore!

New song books, new Bibles, new crayons for class –
Our help with these things is what our God asks.
On each Sunday morning, as I let my light show,
Into this pouch, my money will go.

I’ll sit down and listen, and I’ll wait for the nod,
Then I’ll put on a smile when I give it to God.
~ S. Finton
I hope that you can use this sometime or share it with someone else!


Sasha said...

I love your poem. :o)

Sandy said...

Love this Steph!!