Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hot Rolls!!!

Well, the Fintons decided to venture out on a "road trip" yesterday afternoon. Mark had had a very busy week at work, so we felt like a quick trip to Lambert's in Sikeston, MO, was just the thing that our family needed. We checked the kids out of school a couple of hours early and headed out. We have gone to Lambert's two other times and enjoyed it so much. It had been about a year since our last visit, so we decided it was about time. For those of you who have never been, this place is known for its "Throwed Rolls". The guy comes around with fresh baked rolls yelling "HOT ROLLS!". If you want one, you raise your hand, and he chunks one across the restaurant to you (or AT you, I should say!). Here are some pics. of the "roll catching". I love the one of Kinlee - funny thing is, I didn't actually get a good one of her catching it from the guy across the room, so this is just one of Mark tossing her one from across the table! :o) If you look closely you can see Parker's roll in the top, right hand corner of his picture.
We had a great time and got a lot of good pictures. Definitely a "memory making" place to go.

As if the cheeseburgers and chicken tenders were not enough for us, we saw a little "old-timey looking" ice-cream store called "Houchins Ice Cream and Donuts" and stopped in for a little dessert. It was yummy, but we were all miserable when it was over with. WAY too much food for one night, for sure. We did bring home left-overs from Lambert's, though, so we'll have those today for lunch. The atmosphere won't be quite the same, but I told the kids I'd throw them a roll if it made them feel any better!! :o) Enjoy the pictures - we had a great time!!


Sasha said...

What fun!! I've never been to Lambert's but maybe someday!! :o) I love old ice cream stores too!! I'd definitely have to save room for that!!

Joiner Journeys said...

I haven't been there since high school! What a fun idea. Of course Jack would be allergic to the rolls, so don't guess we'll go :)
Hey, let's plan a skating or bowling day soon- Jack was asking about it today. See yall in the morning.

Wendi said...

That looks like a lot of fun!! There was a place like in Houston we used to go to like that:):)
Great pics!:):)How far is that from your house?

Stephanie said...

Wendi - it is about 1 hour & 45 min. from our house. It was a lot of fun!