Monday, February 2, 2009

Lamplighters + Lads to Leaders = Lots 'o' Fun!!

Last night, we had our first Lamplighters meeting for the month of February. Once again, we had another AWESOME lesson by my good friend, Jill. Her topic was "Creation" and she found a really cool idea on the internet to do with the kids. These are called "Creation Beanbags". They are textured bean bags that are 2-sided (the pic. below shows them in order of creation days. The top pic. is one side, the bottom pic. is the reverse side). She found the idea here, and the kids LOVED them!!! She explained each bag and the day it represented, and the kids got to pass them around and feel them. Here is a brief explanation of the types of materials she used, in case you are not able to tell from the picture:
  1. Day one - Night = black corduroy, Day = white fabric

  2. Day two - Clouds/Sky = white fluffy material, Water = blue shiny "wave" material

  3. Day three - Grass = green "shag" material, Trees = brown "leathery" material

  4. Day four - Moon/Stars = star material w/monogrammed moon, Sun = orange shiny material

  5. Day five - Birds = white material to resemble feathers, Fish = blue shiny material to resemble scales on a fish

  6. Day six - Animals = Fake fur material, Man = striped material to represent the different races of man

  7. Day seven - God rested = small, soft pillow
After they passed them around, she wasn't finished yet - she showed them pictures she had drawn that gave the Day # of Creation, drawn in a way to help them remember what was made on that day. (It even helped me remember!!) After the lesson, she had numbers placed randomly around the gym. As she held up a bean bag, the kids had to run to find that # on the floor, gather there, and "act out" that day of creation. They had a blast!!! Way to go, Jill - you came through AGAIN!!!!

As well as being in charge of Lamplighters, Mark and I have also been recruited to head up the Grades 1-4 Lads to Leaders Puppet team. We have recently begun our official practices, and last night, the kids "met" their puppets for the first time. They were so excited! They are doing an awesome job, and we are thoroughly enjoying working with them. I know that between now and L2L, we'll have plenty of pictures showing our progress - stay tuned for more......


Becky Welch said...

Love the beanbag ideas!!! I may have to link that up on the Bible school blog!

Sasha said...

Great pictures! I love how she did the beanbag lesson too!!

Stephanie said...

Becky - I thought about the Bible School blog when she did that lesson last night! I know she would be thrilled to have it on there. Glad you are up and runnin' again!!!

Wendi said...

What cute ideas!!! I cant wait to see your puppet show. Kenny and I are signed up to be conference for puppets. What are you and Mark judging? I dont know if I told you but Kenny and I are starting puppets (our church has like 10 puppets like you all have)...we are doing puppets for our J.A.M in March-May and then onto VBS in June. Not sure..may lead into us doing Lads to Leaders Puppets next year.:)
I loved that beanbag lessons. Definetly will use that..:):)

Joiner Journeys said...

great pics- man, your new camera takes great pictures! the ones of the bags are so clear and bright!
the puppets look like so much fun- we'll get Jack in on it next year :)

Stephanie said...

Jill - get off my computer, you PSYCHO!!!! (oh, my bad - that's PSYCHIC, isn't it?!):o) Hope you have a great night! Love ya!