Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Helping Others

This past Sunday was another Sunday for our Lamplighters to meet. The ones in charge this time had the topic of "Helping Others". After much discussion, they decided that there was no better way to teach this topic than to put it into action. And that is exactly what they did! The Lamplighters hosted a dinner for our Silverlights group at church - the older members. Much to our surprise, we had about 40 people sign up and I think just about all of them came!!!

The kids had a great time helping to decorate the building - it was good for them to put forth effort to help and serve others. They really enjoyed themselves - Kinlee was excited all day!!!

Here are some pictures of the kids decorating and helping to set up chairs:

The kids did all of the serving, delivering of plates, picking up plates, and delivering desserts. Paker said that the ones at his table were "keeping him busy!!!" :o)

Here are some pictures of the kids after the dinner started:
It was a great time, and I thank the Bradfords for all of their hard work in preparing for the evening. A lesson well learned, for sure!!!


Brittany said...

How do you make collages like that. They are too cute!

Wendi said...

Great idea!! Do your kids do Good Samaritan for L to L? They seem to do alot:):)

Wendi said...

Chloe did Good Samaritan. But with this being our congregations first year..we didnt do much with it. Chloe did get the silver..but mostly because of things she already did on her own with the youth group or community service.

I was wanting to talk to you about Mamaws...when would be the best time for you for us to come down. Is Ted coming down? We do have Co-op Friday morning. Kenny has a work related banquet Saturday night but I can just drive back and forth. Let me know what would work best for you all.