Monday, April 20, 2009

Destination Imagination!!!

A while back, I posted on the blog about Destination Imagination that Parker is involved in in school. A month or so ago, his team won the Regional competition and made it to the State competition in Nashville. Well, that competition took place this past weekend. So, off to Nashville we went for the second weekend in a row - UGH! We had a great time, though. This is all new to us, so we were kind of just figuring it out as we went and "going with the flow." The kids did their skits and instant challenges much like they did at regionals, with a few changes here and there.
His particular team's events were over by lunchtime, and we were very glad, because some of the teams had stuff spread out ALL throughout the day. The schedule for his team allowed us to slip away and have some fun family time that I will post about next. After some hangin' out and runnin' around, we returned to Lipscomb's campus for the results. The kids all lined up and anxiously awaited the awards.
Well, come to find out, Parker's team won 1st place and made it to the GLOBAL competition in Knoxville in May!!!! We were all surprised because we hadn't seen the other teams perform, and had no idea what we were up against. I found out tonight that their team is the first team from our hometown that has made it to Globals in 20 years!!!! They also said that there are teams representing 20 different countries at this thing!! So, as I said before, we are learning as we go, but this is proving to be a pretty big deal! So big that we have to raise $15,000 in a month to cover the cost of the team!!! Fundraisers, here we come!! I'm gonna be baking a lot of chocolate chip cookies for Bake Sales, I think!!! Anyway, we are very proud of them. I'm sure there will be plenty of posts and updates to come - wish us luck!!! (we're gonna need it!!)



Wendi said...

That is so incredibly awesome!!!! I almost cried when I saw Parkers face!!! That is fabulous!!!

Be glad its in Knoxville..what if it were in Japan ...think of the fundraising then???

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I thought of that! I am not complaining, that is for sure!!!